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QuotesTab is a place that offers you the ultimate experience of traveling through time machine of various quotations. For you we compiled the largest database of quotes and authors in the world. We did this in our free time, and we gave our personal stamp to the whole story.

For those of you who are in love, for those who have or not have luck in love, for the all true sad love, for life, for inspiration, for all that makes life. We believe that each of you will found yourself in the individual quotes.

Time is tricky, so live the moment, because it will never happen again. That is our motive, but our creative inspiration is our little daughter. Now you can guess who is behind QuoteTab team. 😊 Yes, two IT souls. We worked really hard to make this site saw the light of day, so we hope that each of you will find something for yourself. And remember, enjoy in moment, because there is no back button…